Modern Brush Calligraphy: Envelope Essentials Online Course

Skill Level: Intermediate | $65 for full video course with unlimited access | 2+ hours


One of the best ways to showcase and practice your calligraphy skills is through envelopes. And while weddings get the lion’s share of attention when it comes to beautifully scripted envelopes, your thank you notes, holiday cards and strongly-worded letters to the editor can also benefit from the brush calligraphy treatment. But where to start?

In this class, you’ll learn all about the art of the envelope, including:

  • Proper addressing format, both within US and internationally

  • Post office requirements (and what “non-machinable” really means)

  • Tips for choosing supplies

  • Unique & eye-catching layouts

  • … and much more!

Before you take this course, you should have a good understanding of calligraphy basics -- if you haven’t already, I recommend taking my Introduction to Modern Brush Calligraphy course. When you’re ready, grab your brush pens, some envelopes and your crazy creative mind and click play -- your mail carrier will thank you.

This course includes more than 2 hours of instruction as well as supply reviews and recommendations. Once purchased, you’ll have access to the content for the lifetime of the site.

$65 for full video course with unlimited access