Membership FAQs


Do I need any calligraphy experience to do this program?

Nope! Your first month of content is designed for a total beginner and includes my super comprehensive Introduction to Modern Brush Calligraphy. You’ll learn everything you need to get started.

I’m not a total beginner – do I have to go through all the beginner content?

Yes, and here’s why: no matter how advanced you are, you can always, always, ALWAYS improve your overall work by going back to the basics. Don’t worry, it will get more challenging as you progress. But in the meantime, you’ll have the opportunity to practice the foundations of calligraphy without the same boring, old drills.

How will I access my content each month?

Each month, your content will be added to your membership dashboard. Simply log-in and it will all be waiting there for you!

How long will I maintain access to my content?

Calligraphy members have access to your content for as long as you maintain your membership! Because the chalkboards are seasonal, they are updated each month. Be sure to download your board template before the end of the month to ensure you have access to it!

What supplies do I need? Do you provide them?

I will provide full supply lists to all members and recommendations for specific tools to use for each workbook and project. But if you’d like a few things to get you started, here’s what I recommend:

  • Small brush pen, such as a Tombow Fudenosuke or Pentel Sign Brush

  • OR calligraphy pen holder with pointed nib, such as Nikko G, and ink

  • Printer paper

  • Layout bond paper

For the chalkboards, you’ll need an 11 x 17 inch or larger nonporous chalkboard, chalk and chalk markers. 

How long should I be a member? Will I ever run out of content?

As long as you want to maintain calligraphy as a creative outlet and super fun hobby, you can be a member. In short, there’s no end date here! I will be adding new content each and every month, so you’ll always have something new to try. As your skills develop, so will the content – new content will build on the techniques you learned in previous months, so you’ll continue to learn and fine-tune your script. Let me put it this way: I’ve been doing this regularly since 2012 and as a full-time job since 2014 – and I learn new things about this art every single day. Point is, with art and creativity, you are only “done” when you stop learning. And I’m never going to stop learning – and as long as you stick with me, neither will you. 

Can’t I just print out a bunch of copies to share with my friends? Why do we all need to have individual memberships?

Let me level with you, busy gal to busy gal: in order for me to be able to continue to provide you with all this super cool content, I need everyone who is using that content to pay for it. This is my full-time gig, and I’m very proud to show my daughter all the cool things that can happen when women support other women. So please be cool and use this membership site as it’s intended. 

FOR CHALKBOARD ONLY: Can I get access to board templates that were shared before I joined?

All chalkboard members receive the same seasonal templates every month, regardless of when you joined. If there is a design from a month prior to your joining that you’re just itching to get your hands on, you can purchase it in the Hoopla! Letters shop with your 15% member discount.

Can I switch from a monthly membership to an annual membership? Or vice versa?

You can switch from a monthly membership to an annual membership at any time — just note that the months you spent as a monthly member will not count toward your annual membership. You cannot move from an annual membership to a monthly membership until your annual membership expires.

I want to learn calligraphy, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for a full membership. Can I buy the classes and content separately?

Yes! Head over to the Hoopla! Letters shop to find oodles of online classes, workbooks, project templates and more.

I’m not happy with my membership. Can I get a refund?

I provide only the highest quality calligraphy content (for all the workbooks you received, there are many previous versions that didn’t make the cut!), and aim to give all members a positive experience. If you are not satisfied with your membership, I am happy to cancel your membership, but am not able to provide you with a refund for the content you have already received. If you purchased an annual membership and alert me to your dissatisfaction within 30 days of your purchase, you will receive a refund of 75% of your purchase price.