Tricky Letters: The Double S

What up, creative queens?! If you follow along on Instagram, you may have seen that I did my first video for IGTV this week… and I kinda love it. I mean, there probably won’t ever be a cable channel dedicated to calligraphy and lettering, but an IGTV channel is the next best thing. On this channel, I’ll be doing demos, some sneak peeks behind the scenes, mini tutorials and, of course, answering questions.

I recently received an email from one of my calligraphy members who wanted to create something for her bestie. Only problem? Her BFF has a name with two S-es, and she was finding the combination tricky. Girl, you aren’t alone. This can be a super tricky letter combo! So in this video, I demo 2 and a half ways to conquer that combo (yes, there’s a half way — just trust me on this). Give it a watch and practice on your own!

Have a question? Another tricky script you want some help with? Email me or DM me on the ‘gram. In the meantime, happy scripting and have a fab weekend!